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We all are mystical beings carrying an entire universe within ourselves.

Ruchi Thalwal
3 min readJun 30, 2021


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Everybody experiences life. But only a few question it and try to go beyond it. Along with happy, blissful moments come struggles, miseries, and sufferings.

Since childhood, I have had a unique desire to explore life in totality. That desire became intense as I got introduced to the world of spirituality. Slowly, with time, it engulfed my whole being, leaving the body behind named 'Ruchi.'

My immense love for life dissolved my separate identity. My ego/identity dissolved in divine love.

Did you know every day is my birthday?

Past wipes out. Life renews and gives birth to a new me each moment. I still feel every emotion, but no feeling can describe me. I am attached to no emotion or situation.

Emotions come and go. Some may be expressed and lived. Some are just witnessed.

Without the weight of the past, I live like a baby, enjoying the present moment of life. I may cry in one moment, and the very next may laugh hysterically. I celebrate grief or festivity with the same vigor. Accepting everything as life's gift opened up new dimensions within.

From early on, I deliberately sought a spiritual path to live. My mantra was:

Die before physical death happens.

Yes, it happened at some level. Now I don't associate myself with any state of mind. They come and go.

I feel love, compassion, and unity with all. With no judgment and unconditional support, others open up automatically to me. I realized we all are on our unique paths that lead to one destination.

My writings describe my experiences in life. The underlying core of my writings is spirituality. I pray people to connect more with their hearts, which is the source of eternal love.

We all are consciousness floating in the bubble of ego-made stories.

It does not matter whether anybody realizes that. I am at life's will. I am surrendered totally to life.



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