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Most misinterpreted sculptures can transform your lives if understood.

Image by Zigor Agirrezabala Vitoria from Pixabay

Spirituality and art have been a significant part of Indian society for ages. Ancient Sages were the scientists. Their every action had hidden meaning. Even kings had a great reverence for saints.

The science of herbal medicine (Ayurveda), health (Yoga), astrology, grand architecture were typical in ancient India. We can see the influence of art on their architecture. The precision and marvelous carvings are no less than a masterpiece.

Khajuraho temples are one of those masterpieces. Chandela dynasty built Khajuraho temples in the 11th century. But, unfortunately, its legacy disappeared with the onset of Mughals and Muslim invaders. …

A poem on the wisdom of life.

Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola from Pexels

The world becomes knowledgeable
by memorizing the facts
You may become world-renowned
by remembering some details

But my dear friend,
Where will you get wisdom?
The wisdom to learn how to live joyfully

You may receive a knowledge
if it is from a book, text, or poem
But where is the experience?

Do you not want to encounter happiness?
You may have traveled the world
or read thousands of books
You may be successful in every manner

Then why does this one thing elude you
what is this unquenchable thirst,
which forces you to seek every moment

Again, your quest…

A poem on enjoying life in “Now’.

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

The other day I read a quote from Osho
when you have a headache,
you agonize, ‘Oh my head, it badly hurts.’
Have you ever wondered,
Where did the head go once pain disappears?

The head is still there
Your awareness is not
Humans only appreciate
when the particular thing is lost
Be it health, comfort, or person

Discomfort gives rise to recognition
That you had something soothing
that which you didn’t value
and now is not in your control

Appreciate life
small moments that come by
Let lose giggles and laughter
Don't shy from tears either

Life is a…

A mini-guide to understand attachments and break free from their control.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be obtained only by someone who is detached. — Simon Weil

For a long time, a couple was childless. They went to every dargah, temple, and saints to seek blessings. Finally, after a decade, they were blessed with a boy. It elated them to no bounds.

The father became attached to his child. When he was not at work, he would play with him every moment. This went on for few years.

One day while the child was playing outside, a snake bit him. He died within minutes. Although distraught, the…

Don’t act from the place of comparison or hatred — allow love and compassion to speak through you.

Compassion heals. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just a mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion. — Dalai Lama

Last year when COVID started, a video in India went viral. A Muslim vendor was cleaning oranges with his saliva. Every channel and social media howled against Muslims that they have conspired to spread COVID.

But the truth came out. Somebody shot it on 16 Feb 2020, and the government declared India covid outbreak on 14 March 2020. No doubt vendor’s actions were unacceptable. …

A poem on weeding out insecurity to plant a flower of love.

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Doubt kills the relation
Strangulating the hearts of people

Insecurities drown the beauty
what once was alive
throbbed with life
lays dead in no time

Your questions may never satisfy you
Mind loves making stories

The answer you get if it is not according to you
you try to mold the situation
and manipulate people around you

But how far do you think it is going to last?
The deadweight is more to carry
as compared to the life

You can never live lightheartedly
by overburdening the relations
with the weight of doubt and expectations

Nobody needs it
Drop the termite…

A poem on love.

Image by my best in collections — see and press 👍🔖 from Pixabay

No physical place to go
no time limit to be
A space within me
doors through my heart

I am situated inside
unaffected from outside
I don’t seek any love

My being immersed in love
my ego drowned in it
All I have is what is left
when love overpowered and stayed in place of me

Where should I go to seek love?
Is there any place that can fulfill my mind’s desire?
Is there a person who can be what I want?

Of course, No!

That would be absurd
If in the name of love,
I enslave another


A poem where I merged with my guru.

Image by lohannaps from Pixabay

The day I met you
didn’t make celestial music
in the background
Nor did stars brighten up
in the broad daylight

But something must have happened inside
That must have brought us into union
effortlessly, I made a way forward
the jumps the leap in my spiritual journey
was not possible

For years, my journey was in limbo
Not moving anywhere
till you came
and with the gentlest of push
it caught a jet speed in every manner

The more I went inside
the more I experienced
the diverse face of dividing ego
And the unison of ultimate surrender and…

Ruchi Thalwal

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