3 techniques to reveal your innermost feelings in a safe environment to lead you towards a lighthearted life.

A peaceful, happy girl relaxing in sunshine
A peaceful, happy girl relaxing in sunshine

We, humans, are clever beings. We selectively express our anger. We can not afford to reveal it everywhere and to every person.

You gulp down your frustration in front of your boss. But you don’t think twice before snapping at even a slight mistake of your juniors.

In any argument or discussion, there is one dominant and one secondary figure. In certain circumstances, you are that weaker figure. Other times it is someone else.

You efficiently channel your frustration towards the less dominant one. But it can not happen in every case. You have to shut your mouth or lose…

Your responses reflect your internal state. Understanding what’s going on inside is the key to being more in control of your emotions.

We justify our anger, and we judge others for the same.

The underlying emotional surge is the same. But anger blocks our rational mind.

We all regret our sudden emotional explosions. Often we look back and wonder what we could have said or done something else. In hindsight, it doesn’t matter whether others provoke us. We are almost always guilty.

Last week, our full-time employee retracted back to working half a day because of some misunderstanding at her home. Today she asked for my advice on her broken tooth. It was her carious wisdom tooth that cracked while chewing.


Don’t trap yourself in negative self-talk. Recognize your best potential to shine your inner light.

A girl peacefully basking in the nature.
A girl peacefully basking in the nature.

The constant harsh self-criticism is crippling. The fear of not performing up to the mark traps us. Instead of moving ahead, we freeze.

It paralyzed me too.

I had endless drafts I kept on editing. Sometimes I jumped from one topic to another. I had countless stories to share.

But my inner critic slithers its head upwards and bit me endlessly. It took me five months to post my first long article. I took matters head-on to set my inner critic straight.

I found out instead of encouraging me to write more, I fanned my fears. Crazy! Isn’t it?


A guide to knowing how your mind functions and how to be free from its play.

A calm lady sitting on banks of river.
A calm lady sitting on banks of river.

Last year, silence engulfed me. An entire month went by where I was utterly silent. Not just external but internal too. There was no noise inside, no thoughts, only silence.

I am usually chirpy and giggling. But this silence got my family worried.

Their minds were making their stories. Maybe they said something, perhaps someone hurt me, possibly something else happened, etc. But there was no reason within me to clarify anything to anyone.

After a month, I gradually started interacting.

Everybody was taking the blame on them. Amusingly I discovered, the mind is the most significant player in the…

Discover how to open your senses to the subtle signs.

Loved one waiting for a sign from departed one.
Loved one waiting for a sign from departed one.

The death of a closed person is always sudden, traumatic, and untimely. We expect them to live infinitely.

But the truth is death strikes everybody. In a moment, everything changes. Death does not mean the death of love between you two. Love is the bond that connects you two, even in a separated world.

The groundbreaking best seller book by Dr. Raymond Moody ‘Life after life’ reveals the study of people who experienced clinical death. There are many testimonies of death and beyond by patients who experienced near-death and came back to life. All of them have a striking similarity.

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

Self love in the woman standing before lake
Self love in the woman standing before lake

Self-doubt makes you feel worthless. The number of doubts we feed ourselves is astonishingly insane.

The pimple sitting on my face sucks — why my skin can’t be flawless. Oh god, these awful periods — why can’t they stop altogether. I am too short — need to have those heels. My abnormal body shape, my stomach, my specs worry me. I am so dumb. My education/job profile is terrible.

The list is endless.

You accept all your apprehensions easily. But, if your best friend says these things, you will sit with them and clear their doubts.

In feeding yourself, you…

Poem on being the love and light that you seek outside.

The light can cut through the darkness
Even a ray will illuminate the path of millions

A light once traverses through the universe
will keep on running infinitely

Till it hits any solid that envelops it,
Brightens irrespective of day or night

It itself forms a day from wherever route it crosses
doesn’t matter the small pebbles that act as a road bump

The same happens where healing is a light,
A radiance creating ripples

Starting from self and then radiating everywhere
Love as the basic fundamental

When flowering of being happens
You can not hide its fragrance

Only when…

Poem on being grateful to the small moments of life

Toes up in a relaxed demeanor
Eyes closed but not dead

Breath moving as slow as a snail
A blissful presence is all I feel

With no place to go
With no time to keep an account for

I am where I am meant to be
with whom life feels fits

Either enjoy or crib
Life is moving as it wishes

These moments passing by
are life if we closely look by

No major event needs to happen
Peace is radiating in it already

Smiles are sitting in ducked motion
Make a curve of lips on silly emotions

Everything is…

Poem on the circle of life.

A magnificent, delicate flower
fragrance filled lovely creature
Transforming slowly from soft texture
into a solid structure

Enjoying the attraction of bees and butterflies
Sitting on it, sucking its nectar
Wings fluttering on its soft petals
Pollens stick to their legs
Starting the fertilization process

Gradually transforming into something solid
The delicates petals metamorphosed into a sheath
Filled with juice, fiber around a seed
Lunged to the branch with mighty stem
Protecting its identity till it is naturally dropped

But someone threw a stone or two
when they saw it sitting freshly
A huge stone shook its existence
Traumatized from stone
it took a…

Poem on the dissolution of the ego in nature.

Feet dipped in cold water
Inside the sand, away from the clutter
The wind brushing my face
Hair dangling toward the stroke of air

A dip in the river Satluj
Originating from the great Himalayas
As if I am in communion with the giants
I humble being, one with the Mother Earth

The soothing murmur
crashing on the shore
The wind bustling nearby
Adding the elegance of the environment

Sitting on the wet sand
With rolled-up pants,
Closed eyes in union with the surrounding
Soothing my senses in every manner

As water flowed by
I dissolved in every wave
Burdens wiped out…

Ruchi Thalwal

A spiritual friend. Deep spiritual words and love flow through me that help the authentic seekers speed their journey. ruchimedium@gmail.com

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