Don’t trap yourself in negative self-talk. Recognize your best potential to shine your inner light.

A girl peacefully basking in the nature.
A girl peacefully basking in the nature.

The constant harsh self-criticism is crippling. The fear of not performing up to the mark traps us. Instead of moving ahead, we freeze.

It paralyzed me too.

I had endless drafts I kept on editing. Sometimes I jumped from one topic to another. I had countless stories to share.

But my inner critic slithers its head upwards and bit me endlessly. It took me five months to post my first long article. I took matters head-on to set my inner critic straight.

I found out instead of encouraging me to write more, I fanned my fears. Crazy! Isn’t it?


This is how spirituality teaches you to live in sync with nature

The world is undergoing many crises.

One and a half years back, a person ate a bat. Pandemic COVID exploded. The entire world halted and is still in shock.

Overpopulated areas are seeing the vast majority of COVID leading to medical system failures. Income disparity is causing a challenge for an average person who can not afford the high price of medicines. The lives of ordinary people have become secondary.

COVID, global warming, poverty, overpopulation all are going hand in hand. Everybody wants to be safe and secure.

The medicines and vaccines are working their way, but nature is screaming…

He who is free in the body, but bound in the soul, is a slave. He who is bound in the body but free in the soul is truly free.

Child watching the colorful life dancing over
Child watching the colorful life dancing over

Body dies. But can we be dead while living too?

Death scare almost every other person. The moment of death will snatch away everything. It is an inevitable truth. Every day we are moving closer to our death.

Yet many turn a blind eye.

Many fail to live fully. With inflated egos, people go on proving themselves. Many people are in the illusion they will live light-heartedly and freely once they have achieved their goals.

They are postponing their lives to an unspecified date, attaching it to specific life events. They set aside inner happiness and bliss.

Death can strike…

The spiritual journey begins from suffering and ends in freedom.

Once India wanted to be free from the clutches of Britishers. India gained independence after many protests, deaths, and conflicts. But even after 75 years of that independence, are people free?

The conflict of equality in gender, race, color is on the rise. Many countries have established women’s rights, gay rights, black rights. Are the men, women, LGBTQ community free?

Look at the billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett. They have an insane amount of money. But are they free?

What is Freedom?

We all are aware of the freedom to do what one wants. …

Your responses reflect your internal state. Understanding what’s going on inside is the key to being more in control of your emotions.

We justify our anger, and we judge others for the same.

The underlying emotional surge is the same. But anger blocks our rational mind.

We all regret our sudden emotional explosions. Often we look back and wonder what we could have said or done something else. In hindsight, it doesn’t matter whether others provoke us. We are almost always guilty.

Last week, our full-time employee retracted back to working half a day because of some misunderstanding at her home. Today she asked for my advice on her broken tooth. It was her carious wisdom tooth that cracked while chewing.


Your master is within guiding you at each step. All you need to do is — ‘Look’.

When I checked last, I was a child
Frolicking in fun
Playfully laughing at the top of my guts
Running in the fields, from day to night
No fear, no anxiety, nothing to take care of

At this moment, I again checked
I am that same child
Gamboling in joy,
dancing and laughing hysterically
Love still oozing from the being
the body may have changed
but the heart has become pure more than ever

The journey in between transformed me
from a child to again being a child
is all Life’s mystery

Starting from innocence ending in innocence Life draws…

Poem on the illusory world that our mind creates.

As night sleeps in the lap of darkness,
Eyelids embrace, eyelashes intermingle
The realm of dreamy affairs conceive
A magical land of impossible arises quickly

Continuous train of dreams shatters
when the hug of eyelids end
Ears welcoming the sweet lullaby of morning birds
A new ray of sun blesses the interior of the house


Has the mind ever ceased dreaming?
While we work, we perform our duties
Cascades of clouds billowing,
from the chimney of our thoughts

Nonstop coalescing and collisions
deepening the crevice of realism and illusion
Are thoughts creating reality?
Or is it something entirely distinct?

Spiritual Tree Prompt

Dance and laugh in pure innocence.

Life pulls you down when you accumulate the density,
The heaviness of past and anticipation of future
drags you every moment

Life is a celebration when you enjoy your present
It may not be a bed of roses in this ‘Now’
But you accept it,
your heart radiates smile somehow

Life is what we make out of it,
The mind creates a certain story
It may be unpleasant even in luxury
or heavenly, in abject poverty

Enlightened saints lived a simplistic life
Saint Ravidas worked as a cobbler
Kabir Dass lived in a thatched-roof hut
Earned living as a weaver

Spiritual Secrets Prompt

Poem on discovering the source of light and peace that always lie within.

Life’s lessons can be learned when you look back,
Without favoring or inclining towards the self

Reflections are best seen when you slow down life
A still lake of silence can reflect what chaos can never do

It is ok to feel resentful or sad
But lessons remain unfulfilled if you refuse to learn

Life’s drill never ceases to teach you
to let go of what is never yours

Anger, guilt, frustration, fear
All the layers with their weight have to go

To reset the button and be back in childlike innocence Reflect on the past, the present, and the…

Be like water, make your way through persistence.

Mesmerizing sunsets on the back of the hill
Rays shining through the deep trenches
Wind soaking with its coolness
The thin trail of curvy tracks

As we walk uphill and crawl during downhill
Slipping of shoes on the mattress of pine leaves
Grass disappearing slowly when hard terrains emerge
Wildflowers blooming in the rocky clefts

Nature leading with the example
Showing the life can also flourish in the harshest environment
Flexibility and resilience are life’s way
to yield and adapt as life makes them to

Wind making its way and getting stronger when it can’t pass Water enforcing its flow…

Ruchi Thalwal

A spiritual friend. Deep spiritual words and love flow through me that help the authentic seekers speed their journey.

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